GSM Alarm systems


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    1. 90 zone LCD display security alarm system 
    2. Keypad for security alarm 
    3. Wavecom module for alarm system 
    • To know which defense zone is triggered , and what kind detector is triggered from SMS
    • Two-way voice communication, to speak with people who are on spot.
    • Eight wireless LED zone, and four wired zone for security alarm system
    • Can set HOME arm/AWAY arm for security alarm system
    • When alarming, system plays the recorded voice at first, call six phone numbers and send the short message(SMS),which can be programmed by yourself.
    • The SMS (no longer than 160 numbers) can be programmed by users
    • Record 10 seconds message for gsm security alarm system
    • Using remote controllers, you can arm, disarm, panic from long distance for security alarm system
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